strange and frightening



Geelong’s Moorabool Street

from Eastern Beach precinct.


A scene from a medieval sea battle?




Not at all! 

Simply a foggy morning on Corio Bay.

Albeit a fog unlike any other.













From this shot from the hip image…


…I managed to achieve a semblance of

something half decent.


The fog is straight out of camera.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Unedited










Rather than try and find photos

that reflect summer stillness…

…I thought I would post a couple of images

taken on Sunday and Monday morning.

Sunday morning fog was thick.

Those towers are about 186 feet tall

and barely visible at 0915.

Yesterday (Monday) morning this was

the scene out over Corio Bay at 1100.


With a lot of shadow applied the fog again is visible.


With sepia preset and a gradient toning

the fog is more evident.

We have had a cold, wet run of weather lately.

The past week has been reasonably free of rain but cold.

Monday morning my car showed

an ice warning light (at 1000)

  for the first time since I have had it.

Temperature was 2 degrees Celsius.

This morning (Tuesday) at 0915 the

temperature in Geelong is 4C/39F.

Two days ago June 23 Melbourne shivered

through its coldest June day since 1985

Compared to many Northern American winter scenes

which make it onto our media we

are having balmy weather.

However, our latitude is the 37th (Melbourne)

and 38th (Geelong) parallel south.

Same latitude north, as San Francisco.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  Summer-Stillness



While searching for ‘mist’ I was

surprised to find a photo of a cat.

Taken nearly 10 years ago, Misty was a rescue cat

and a nice one at that.

The foggy mist was probably

the thought behind the challenge.

This was taken on June 12 around midday.

I have added a sepia filter and boosted saturation


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Mist

Black and White Tuesday18-0529


Black and White Tuesday


Some sepias…

Wire and fog.


 Dead tree on a foggy morning.


Shade trees in fog.

Eastern Beach car park, Geelong.


Eastern Beach car park, before sunrise.



Hope you enjoyed.



Wordless Wednesday18_May16

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A foggy drive and still…

this sign caught my eye.

And just in case you did not catch it….

not often we see a run of zeros at

a petrol/service/gas station.

Since then fuel has jumped to over

$1.50 per litre top price.

The low end of the cycle is around $1.30 per litre.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Plenty of winter fogs around here.

Not so many summer fogs though.This pier/jetty is where I take many

of my Corio Bay photos.

View not so good that day.

Moorabool/main Street of Geelong.


A June fog blocking the background scenery.

I used Picasa’s boost tool (default setting)

to enhance the image.

The result?  A bland photo turned into

into a more interesting early morning shot.


Weekly Weather: Fog

Weekly Weather



I think lightning looks good in either

colour or black and white.

A very recent foggy morning.

 Lastly my favourite recent photo.

A short sharp downpour provided me

with enough time to grab a camera and

photograph this rain.

This is a photo that looks better after editing

and also looks good in BW.

At least that’s my opinion.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Weather