For as long as I can remember…

…the Flanders Poppy has been a symbol of

the freedom won in two World Wars.

I had heard of fields being covered in blood red poppies,

but had been a bit of a doubting Thomas.

LIke Thomas, my doubts were allayed

upon my 2017 visit to the

Western Front Battlefields,

where, with my own eyes, I was able to

see (and photograph) poppies growing wild

on World War I Battlefields.



Floral Friday17-2107


Floral Friday Challenge.


Certainly not a great photo,

mobile and through the bus window. It does, however, give you an idea of why

the Flanders/Red Poppy is used

as a Remembrance Day symbol.

This is not a field of poppies.

It is a crop with red weeds in it.

This shot taken north-east of

Villers-Bretonneux, near Le Hamel Village.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday