We discovered last year that many of the…

old iconic buildings have parts of restored

when they disintegrate.


 I think the Colosseum is one of

the more intact, WYSIWYG.


 However, one part that was pointed out as original

is the paving shown in this image.

Building commenced in AD 72 and

was completed in AD 80.

This makes these pavers between 1,937 and 1,945 years old,

not to mention the millions of tourists who have walked

over them in the past few decades.


Thursday’s Special: Traces-Of-The-Past

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Sunrise on The You Yangs

The You Yang ranges are situated…

between Melbourne and Geelong.

This time of year they can make a good back drop for a sunrise.

As the year progresses sunrise will move further south,

or to the right of this image.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

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