Jo’s Monday Walk


Balyang Sanctuary 2

Some more from Balyang Sanctuary.

The ever-present Swallow…although seldom still.


Also ever-present…

and lining the boardwalk for a morsel..

the Seagull.



and resting…

on a winter’s day.

I marvel at the Pelican’s ability to land

on these nesting boxes, without falling.


Overseeing all…


and giving directions is

the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.



Jo’s Monday Walk

Black and White Tuesday17-2507


Black and White Tuesday


Commencing at…the Geelong Yacht Club.

Where a seagull came for a drink. Hmmmm!


Took a wrong turn off the freeway and

sighted this Great Egret having a bite to eat.

Went back the following day with a longer lens,

hoping for a better shot.

Alas!  My Great Egret had gone.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday16-1207


Black and White Tuesday

 July 12, 2016


I have cheated a bit this week with my Black and White.

It’s cold and wet and that is my excuse…and I’m sticking to it.

Some seagulls came within ten feet of my car yesterday.

I have played around with the images using

Picasa’s pencil sketch filter.


 A brilliant South African artist draws wildlife in this fashion.

The subject in a portion of the canvas and the rest blank.

The only  reason I had so much white was the

sun reflecting off its feathers.


This is the only image with a BW filter applied, and…


I think it is a toss-up between the last two for my favourite.

Maybe number two would look better on the wall.



Hope you enjoyed.