Weekly Photo Challenge-Structure



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



First up…Nature.

To me a leaf looks green and leafy…until

I stumbled across one which I had

converted to a negative. 

With the original (photo) and sunlight behind it

we can see a whole system of veins

which transport water, food, energy

through the leaf and on to the rest of the plant.

Sydney’s ‘coat hanger’ does not all that impressive

from this perspective.

In fact not as big as the boat?

 However as we commenced our walk across the bridge

it took on a whole new dimension.

Six or eight lanes of motor vehicles and

one or two train lines were woven

into the structure of the bridge.

All this held together by many rivets and tons of steels.

About 12 – 15 years ago our beloved Spencer Street Station

was re-modeled and given a makeover

prior to the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

All I saw was a ‘wavy roof’  which looked nothing like

the old Spencer street Station…AND

it was renamed Southern Cross Station.

How dare they!

It is only over the past ten years that I have taken time

to look up, and notice…

the many tons of steel which hold up the ‘wavy roof’.

Now I have grown accustomed to her face.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letters-B


My contribution for

this week’s challenge

Beginning with Letter-B


Words beginning with B…

A Beach…

Manly Beach in Sydney, to be precise.


Our Bird of Paradise.

A railway Bridge over Geelong’s Moorabool Street.


Finally, while in Cairns a few years ago

we decided to have Breakfast with the Lions.

No!  I don’t this type of breakfast on a regular basis.

However, while we scoffed away a delicious breakfast

about ten metres away, 10 -15 lions were making

it known that they could smell the food

and were also hungry.


Wordless Wednesday17_3008

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Tuesday this week (yesterday)…

I was heading outside to swap the dogs over.

I don’t like both off the chain together.

They are still too young.

I had to take a photo.

Taji’s morning had exhausted her and it was not yet 10 AM.

MGW has never seen this occurrence.

Taji was to be tied up.

Note her chain.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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One Word Photo Challenge-Island






My island in the sun is Lekhubu Island… in Botswana’s

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, 

on the North Eastern edge of the

Kalahari Desert.

Once surrounded by water,this island is now covered with…

ancient baobab trees.

What Lekhubu Island lacked in facilities…

it made up for with these ancient trees…

 which provided a wonderful frame

for our sunset…

and sunrise.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Island


Black and White Tuesday17-2908


Black and White Tuesday


Lekhubu Island…whether in…


or black and white…

is still…

an interesting place to spend a night.

 Even if only for the sunset…




Colour version in OWPC



Hope you enjoyed.



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk35-2708


Odd Ball

Week 35, 2017


Could not work out why thee was a need for this sign…

at the whale watching platform.

Then the pennies began to drop…

as the whale watching drone touched down.



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-35








On Friday (yesterday) I travelled back to

what I could call my home city,

Warrnambool, to visit

Logan’s Beach Whale Nursery.  Luckily there were three or four whales

to entertain the tourists.

A cow and calf put on a good display.

They travelled along the beach

for about half a kilometre and

remained within 100 metres from the sand.

Creating some great opportunities for a long lens.


Have a good weekend




The New Zealand Soldier Memorial, at…

Messines, Belgium.

This memorial is in the centre of town and

is a tribute to all soldiers of the

New Zealand Division

who  participated in

the Battle of Messines Ridge

in 1914.


A Photo a Week Challenge: History