Black and White Tuesday18-0213


Black and White Tuesday


Experimenting with a

Neural Density filter this morning.

Geelong’s Eastern Beach.

Walkers were beginning to fill the path

as I left this morning.


Geelong Yacht Club Marina.


My favourite spot for photos on the

western side of Corio Bay.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-2410


Black and White Tuesday


From the ‘random’ box this week.

Maybe a re-post…last Monday’s

foggy start to the day.


Even in BW canola fields look okay.

 Geelong’s Eastern Beach, Yacht Club to the left

and on the horizon are the You Yangs



Hope you enjoyed.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Glow



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My glows are from

Arras, France and Geelong

this week.The Arras Bell Tower lit up by surrounding lights.


A combination of wall light and flash light

gave an interesting glow to the wall

of St. Germain’s cafe in Arras.


During daylight these are just white balls

adorning Geelong’s Foreshore.


 after dark they become glowing beacons.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Scale



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



These balls adorn the foreshore at

the ocean end of Geelong’s main street.

In daylight they are just white balls…

of similar size once one allows for

subject to camera distance.



No.  Not all the same size and not all that big.

The stakes supporting the young trees

are only about 2 metres high.


A life-size horse and rider…

or something rather small?


I posted this shot only a few days ago,

  however, Tembo is twice my size,

and I am not a jockey.







Black and White Challenge:



Local photos this week.

Geelong’s foreshore are is one of the prettiest areas of Geelong.

MGW’s Grandfather used to maintain these lawns

and I am not sure how he did it.

Even now my knees creak at the thought

of walking these slopes.

However, once at the top, another five minutes

and one is in the heart of Geelong.

The other possibility for a walk is the Botanic Gardens…

with all it partially covered…

paths which provide a nice cool retreat on a warm day.

 Naturally, there are some places when

the weary legs can be rested.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Paths



Black and White Tuesday17-2507


Black and White Tuesday


Commencing at…the Geelong Yacht Club.

Where a seagull came for a drink. Hmmmm!


Took a wrong turn off the freeway and

sighted this Great Egret having a bite to eat.

Went back the following day with a longer lens,

hoping for a better shot.

Alas!  My Great Egret had gone.



Hope you enjoyed.





My first contribution for Jo’s Monday Walk

showed the Promenade situated on

 Geelong’s Eastern Beach

Geelong Foreshore 3

Parts of the Promenade are visible

in the background of this shot.

However, many visitors choose to wander

along this path between the

Promenade and the Yacht Club environs.

Geelong Foreshore 5

In this area of the foreshore are spots for

barbeques, picnics or just relaxing.

MGW’s Grandfather was once responsible

for keeping all these lawns in pristine condition.


A short walk up this path and you are a slow ten minute

walk from the Central Business District.



Jo’s Monday Walk