Floral Friday17-0707-Arras


Floral Friday Challenge.


A balcony garden brightens the view…

over Place Des Heros for

these home owners in Arras.


Closer to ground level is some topiary.

At least that is my guess.


Finally, a plant we inherited when we bought our farm.

The only difference being that ours were

free standing bushes.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday





When we visited Dubai last year

the draw card was….

was to have high tea in Dubai’s

182 metre (597 feet) high Burj Al Arab.

However, upon our arrival

we discovered the Burj Khalifa…

which at 830 metres high, (2,723 feet)

soared over the Burj Al Arab.

In fact Burj Khalifa is just over

four and a half times higher than the Burj Al Arab.

However, height comparisons aside,

High Tea in the Burj Al Arab

was definitely the highlight.


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