Looking round London

Carriage Wheel

Royal Mews

Big Ben.


I was focussed on the large gold ’round’

then noticed a few more ’rounds’

on this piece of harness.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Round-Things



I  will never forget the morning I took these shots.

It was my first morning in London with MGW,

and while I turned to take these photos she disappeared.

 The crowd behind me was as dense

as the crowd in front of me. 

I had about twenty yards of clear vision. 

I did not know whether MGW had crossed

Westminster Bridge or followed

the white bus along the Thames River.

After the longest ten minutes in my life

MGW appeared on the bridge

wanting to know what I was doing! 

And why I was standing there at/near Big Ben.

Of course she had told me she was

crossing the bridge!!!!!!

I’m sure I did not have this problem back in 1976!!


Pic and Word Challenge: Time

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Dark-Light


My contribution for this week’s

Dark and Light


Many times I have heard and often joined in singing

the song relating to bluebirds and the white cliffs of Dover…


for as long as I can remember.

However, never once did I think they would be

actually that white…


 or in this case light in colour.


Some light piercing the dark from…


the London Eye.


Even the Houses of Parliament look good from up there.





Black and White Tuesday16-1810


Black and White Tuesday

 October 18, 2016


While travelling across the English Channel

in early September a conversation began

with an American couple.


After a while they produced photos taken from

the London Eye just after dark.


Upon our return, we had one night in London,

about a two minute walk from the Eye

and decided we would try it out.


We should have been about twenty minutes earlier for photography.

However it was the quickest thirty minutes ride

I have ever experienced…and well worth it.

My colour version soon.



Hope you enjoyed.