Landmarks from any where

The Eiffel Tower…324 metres high.

The Tower in which Big Ben (the Bell)

resides is 96 metres high.

According too Google the

Geelong Football Club ground

is 5.1 kilometres as the crow flies.

Without the light towers, which are 73 metres high,

the ground would be difficult to spot

even from this vantage point.


Although I don’t have a photo,

this morrning Melbourne was laying claim to

having the tallest Southern hemisphere building.

At 388 metres high, the 108 storey

hotel and apartment building

is located in Melbourne’s

Southbank area.



Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Landmark






In 2014 I captured these sculptures

outside the Geelong Football Club.

DC Photography 14

For reasons unknown to me, I am fairly certain

they had been removed last time I drove past

that area of Kardinia Park.

Sculpture Saturday:  25




These days it is seldom I post edit

my photos a great deal.Last Friday morning I again ventured out for that elusive sunrise.

Alas!  Nothing spectacular.

Above is Straight Out Of Camera.

Adjust lighting a little, boost saturation,

straighten horizon and crop.

Often I Photoshop seagulls out of an image

as they are often a blur when using a slow shutter.

I have also noticed the tanker is just emerging from the sun.

I was more enthusiastic four years ago however…

Above is the edited version….

And this is the original.



These rubbish bins and car were annoying me

so the cloning brush removed them.



One bin and car gone, one bin to go.


No bins…no car.

Those with more Photoshop skills than I ever

hope to possess will notice blemishes in the editing

however when we zoom out to the ‘big picture’

they are even harder to see.



The final piece of editing was to remove

this car to a ‘not noticeable’ degree.

A simple crop fixed this.


Observant readers may have noticed…

…the elephant in the image.

The light tower.


I think it is a better looking photo

without the light tower.

This is Kardinia Park,

home to the

Geelong Football Club



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Edit





The boys gave me a copy of Photoshop Elements 14

when I discovered I had retired in 2015.

This is one of my efforts from early 2015.

Far from perfect..and even this morning I noticed another anomaly

between the original and my editing which

had previously gone unnoticed.

The entrance to Geelong Football Club Restaurant.It is now a car park 😦 

This is another early effort with PS.

And that does not mean my PS skills have improved.

There are three elements in the first picture….


which are missing from the final image. 

THis next image has been editing with Google’ Picasa

which is, sadly, no longer supported but

I think is a marvellous program for a quick edit.

(Colour retouch, sharpen or straighten horizon.)

Corio Bay sunrise early 2018. 

Straight out of camera.

Added some light.


Boosted colours. 

Sharpened and added vignette


Finally, straightened the horizon.

Decided to play a bit more and created this. 

Which, until I  had it printed on canvas thought looked worthwhile. 

The ‘special’ price canvas was a waste of money. 


At the time I even tried it in BW and I believe

one of my headers is from that morning.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Kardinia Park-2

This post was prepared in early July and I have been  hoping to use it ever since.  I think it captures the spirit of this week’s challenge.  I could argue that all photos are of the same subject but I believe that numbers two and three fit the challenge the best.



A few weeks ago Geelong’s football stadium turned on its lights and the first night game was played.



Kardinia Park is now the third stadium in Victoria (Etihad Stadium and the Melbourne Cricket Ground being the other two) with the capabilities to operate after sunset.



The 73 metre high towers dwarf traffic in Moorabool Street and now provide a landmark in Geelong which is visible from any of the main thoroughfares in and out of Geelong City.



In the background is Corio Bay opening out into Port Phillip Bay.



Last night, Saturday, June 29, we happened to be passing through Geelong on a night when Geelong were hosting the Fremantle Dockers. The lights were spectacular, particularly from an elevated position where all lights were visible at once. Definitely a huge asset for Geelong.