Wordless Wednesday16_Amsterdam

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Often we hear other nationalities ask if we have kangaroos

hopping around all over the place.

I must confess that my limited knowledge,

mostly from school days, had me thinking

that we would see more windmills.

This was the only windmill, of its type,

which we sighted out of our coach window.


Next…cyclists in Amsterdam.

Fascinating to see a cyclist keep pace with

or out ride a motor scooter.


And while speaking of motor scooters,

this was the corner where we were to meet.

Just across from the Amsterdam Railway Station.

I watched in horror as MGW followed a green light

and commenced walking across the road,

while a motor scooter rider ran the red light facing him.

It’s a good job I have had plenty of practice bellowing at

errant sheep dogs while on the farm

as this skill had to be put into practice

at short notice from about twenty metres away.

Fortunately MGW heard me call out,

stopped, looked and jumped out of the way.



Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Black and White Tuesday16-1129


Black and White Tuesday

 November 29, 2016


Some more of those cars…..


And very little ….


to be said about them, because I don’t know…


 the make of the cars…and it’s late.




Hope you enjoyed.




Travel Theme-Forest




Travel Theme.


A few years back we went to Cairns (Queensland) for a holiday.


The Daintree River and Rain Forest was about

an hours drive where we took the obligatory

Daintree River Cruise.


I must confess to being a little disappointed in the Daintree area.

I was expecting huge rain forest trees growing down to

the water’s edge as do the river Red Gums in Victoria.


 And I certainly did not expect cleared farming land to be within sight.

Maybe we did no go into the heart of the Daintree,

however, when one is at Daintree village and

on the Daintree River….


 There were, however, a few strategically placed

‘do not swim’

signs posted along the course of our cruise.


This is what I call a forest.

Taken near Forrest in South West Victoria’s

temperate rainforests, near the Otway Ranges,

this drive through these trees is one of my favourites.

And only about an hour or so from Geelong.


Where’s My Backpack: Forest







My first contribution for Jo’s Monday Walk

showed the Promenade situated on

 Geelong’s Eastern Beach

Geelong Foreshore 3

Parts of the Promenade are visible

in the background of this shot.

However, many visitors choose to wander

along this path between the

Promenade and the Yacht Club environs.

Geelong Foreshore 5

In this area of the foreshore are spots for

barbeques, picnics or just relaxing.

MGW’s Grandfather was once responsible

for keeping all these lawns in pristine condition.


A short walk up this path and you are a slow ten minute

walk from the Central Business District.



Jo’s Monday Walk


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-47_2711


Odd Ball

Week 47, 2016


Monday’s sunrise…

with aperture too wide

and shutter too slow.


Kept adding shadow in Picasa until this result.

Does anyone else find it mildly interesting?

Or maybe it is just me! 🙂


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-47







Weekly Photo Challenge-Its-No-This-Time-of-Year-Without…



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


Usually this weekend, or next Christmas

starts to happen in our household.


In 2005 I did not have a camera which would

capture all of our tree in one shot without tilting.


When straightened in Picasa I lost

the star…hence both shots.


It’s our turn for the family Christmas again this year,

so this is also on our mind about now.

Well maybe MGW’s mind more than mine. 🙂


We may need to expand the 2013 table as

our family has grown a bit since then.


For reasons unknown, in 2015 fifteen we decided

that a little Christmas tree was in order.

 Only immediate family for Christmas.

MGW just told me that this tree went in the bin/trash

soon after Christmas due to complaints from boys

about not having the big Christmas tree

which they never helped erect anyway!


They said it wasn’t Christmas without our green tree.


So, in 2016 we will be erecting our green tree again.

Complete with Christmas decorations from

nearly every city we visited in Europe,

as well as a Dubai bauble,

because this year it is again our turn to

host the family Christmas.

I must confess to preferring the green tree.

Definitely more Australian.

And, of course, it’s time for me to begin

practising my

“Bah!! Humbug!!”

again 😀







Black and White Challenge:

Any Geometric Shape.


Design Geometry…

Arches galore…not to mention rectangular or square windows.


Rectangles and one triangle.


Followed by a pyramid/triangle of spheres.


Cylinders and circles.

All from Florence.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Any-Geometric-Shape








I confess to borrowing an image from

Ironman Outdoors

which appeared on my Face Book news feed.


I shared it on my timeline on Thursday morning.

I think it fitting for his challenge

even if some people on Face Book

have given me a few

good natured digs about it.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Thankfulness


Floral Friday-16-1125_Window-Boxes


Floral Friday Challenge.


From last Friday, November 25, 2016.

 Some window gardens from Brugge, Belgium.


A drive by shot.

Red does not register well with my eyes,

however I think it will with most others.


These pretty boxes are part of our hotel….


 the NH Brugge.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday