Sun and storms are always easy to capture…

at least more so than snowy conditions.

Late January, 2016, these storm clouds

dumped a huge amount of rain on Geelong

in a short space of time.

Cars were floating in low lying areas

where water was two to three feet deep.

December 2014 produced this

spectacular display of lightning.

While we grumble about the wind

which now reaches our house,

due to lack of mature trees,

the plus side is those trees

do not block these displays of

nature at her finest.


Weekly Weather: Storms

Weekly Weather


One Word Photo Challenge-Journey






Whenever we…
have travelled…

across international borders…

a passport has been required.

However, if you are an…

African elephant…

 all you need do is find that shallow part of the river…

and you can walk from Botswana to Namibia

to complete your journey.


It can become a bit of a hazard…

if your legs are short.

These photos are a compilation…

of two river crossing we sighted…

while in Botswana.

It was interesting to watch the leader…

change course in mid stream and I can only assume

it/they were following the shallowest path.

Equally amazing…

was watching the older elephants…

take care of the very little in the family…

ensuring they also had a safe crossing.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Journey


One Word Photo Challenge-Jewellery







Some ‘jewels’ on a foggy morning.

Back in the day, the term ‘crown jewels’

had a slightly different meaning.

 Let’s just say the wearer of this suit of armour

was having his ‘crown jewels’ well protected.

Perhaps even…boasting..a lot.


 Finishing on a serious note.

This jewellery was ready for sale

at the Arras Sunday market.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Jewellery


One Word Photo Challenge-Cheetah








My substitute Jaguar is a Cheetah this week.

The first two shots were taken at…

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehab Centre

in South Africa.

This series of images were taken at….

Tshukudu Game Lodge…

located a short drive from

Sausage Tree Safari Camp,

our home away from home.

 At Tshukudu Game Lodge, the cheetah

wandered up the track, through our group

and flopped down waiting to be patted.

Then it wandered home with us.

I’m sure where is my breakfast was on her mind.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Cheetah-Jaguar


One Word Photo Challenge-Island






My island in the sun is Lekhubu Island… in Botswana’s

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, 

on the North Eastern edge of the

Kalahari Desert.

Once surrounded by water,this island is now covered with…

ancient baobab trees.

What Lekhubu Island lacked in facilities…

it made up for with these ancient trees…

 which provided a wonderful frame

for our sunset…

and sunrise.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Island