My first contribution for Jo’s Monday Walk

showed the Promenade situated on

 Geelong’s Eastern Beach

Geelong Foreshore 3

Parts of the Promenade are visible

in the background of this shot.

However, many visitors choose to wander

along this path between the

Promenade and the Yacht Club environs.

Geelong Foreshore 5

In this area of the foreshore are spots for

barbeques, picnics or just relaxing.

MGW’s Grandfather was once responsible

for keeping all these lawns in pristine condition.


A short walk up this path and you are a slow ten minute

walk from the Central Business District.



Jo’s Monday Walk


7 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk_16-5_Geelong-Foreshore

  1. Morning, Woolly. 🙂 Excuse me for ignoring you till now. I had a bit of a scramble to get my walk finished and up this week. It already features your ‘stroll’ from last week and I wasn’t sure whether you wanted to include this too? Anyway, it’s in now 🙂 Thanks a lot!


    • Probably me who should be apologising Jo. I knew I was going to be early..have check your site a couple of times during the morning early PM to see if you were ‘up’ and then forgot. I have update my ping back to this week’s walk. Nearly time to turn in and I have a 500 kilometre round trip to my Auntie’s funeral tomorrow. Good night.


      • Oh dear, that doesn’t sound like fun, Woolly. Thank you very much- it’s not a problem. I know the time factor is difficult. I receive one from California on a Monday at around 7am our time and I’m usually struggling to finish my post. No worries. Take care on that trip!


      • Thank you I will take care. And I am so glad to hear that some others jump the gun so to speak with their posts. I usually schedule mine for the wee hours of the morning and try to wait a day or so to let the rest of the world catch up…in time. However, some days do not go to plan…..

        Liked by 1 person

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