Small Towns

While we were in Lucerne…

engelberg-switzerland_0354we were taken on an excursion to Engelberg…
engelberg-switzerland_0379a small town about 30 minutes drive south.


Our purpose was to visit a small tourist farm and

sample some it wares, as well as…

engelberg-switzerland_0372being taken for a horse and cart ride

around this charming town.

engelberg-switzerland_0380Having spent 55 years of my life in

Victoria’s Western District,

where our ‘mountain’ peaks are

about 300 metres above sea level, I think this part

of the world is absolutely beautiful.

However, I think I would missing the sun rise

and set on a near sea-level horizon after a while.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Small Towns


Weekly Photo Challenge-Magic



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I could not go past these photos for

my Magic challenge this week.

lion-cubs_0490It was our last night at Sausage Tree Safari Camp when

the call came that we were being taken on

an unexpected game drive.


It was not long before we found Limpy the Lioness.

We came around a sharp bend in the track and

nearly ran over her a few day prior.

I’m still not sure who was frightened most…

our driver or Limpy.

lion-cubs_0529This evening though, Limpy had her cubs with her.

lion-cubs_0530For a while Mum’s tail was enough to keep Nosy occupied,

until he spotted the tourists.

lion-cubs_0675With Mum’s approval Nosy commenced stalking the tourists.


taking cover behind all types of foliage.


When he reached a pile of elephant dung

the excitement was to much.

 He just had to have a roll in it.


It tasted so good that Rosy also joined him

to see what he was doing.


 And there, about 15 feet from our vehicle

the two cubs played spot the tourist,

while the only sound emanating from

any of us was that of cameras

frantically capturing  the scene.

And that, my friends,

is the way wildlife should be shot.


These shots were taken in early October 2013.

Unfortunately, by mid September 2014, Limpy was dead.

Euthanized, by veterinarians due to disease.

However, we will always remember the

magical twenty minutes or so we spent with her cubs.lion-cubs

One of my photos was drawn by South Afican Wild Life Artist, Warren Cary

and now hangs as a constant reminder of that expereince




Floral Friday-16-1811


Floral Friday Challenge.


Back to Germany’s Rhineland district this week.


 Sun shining through leaves is  one of my favourites.


And we all agreed that roundabouts like this one

were miles in front of ours.

We saw a roundabout which had grass

nearly half a metre high on it until a few weeks ago.

It looked terrible..particularly when viewed

with this and others in mind.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday







Black and White Challenge:

Any Tracks and Trains.


Trains and tracks from Dubai.


After we looked up and found Dubai’s rail service

you could not keep us off it.

Although this two-minute walk to the nearest station

had me perspiring as hard as a mid summer day in Victoria.


Once inside the air condition stations

temperatures dropped considerably.

Trains arrived every 4 or five minutes…like clockwork.

dubai-trains_0218A Victorian government lost an election because it wanted to

 build an overhead rail line in Melbourne recently.

I guess it was to be expected.

Tullamarine (International and Domestic) Airport

opened in 1970 and we are still talking about

providing a rail link to the city.

Meanwhile in Japan a huge sink hole was filled in a week!

I really don’t know what tourists think of our airport.

Those in power are so short-sighted in planning…

I will get off my soap box now. 😀

Dubai Railway Stations reminded us of

South Africa’s Pangolins…

click her for some Google images 

 You are welcome to disagree 🙂


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Any Tracks and Trains