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A few years back we went to Cairns (Queensland) for a holiday.


The Daintree River and Rain Forest was about

an hours drive where we took the obligatory

Daintree River Cruise.


I must confess to being a little disappointed in the Daintree area.

I was expecting huge rain forest trees growing down to

the water’s edge as do the river Red Gums in Victoria.


 And I certainly did not expect cleared farming land to be within sight.

Maybe we did no go into the heart of the Daintree,

however, when one is at Daintree village and

on the Daintree River….


 There were, however, a few strategically placed

‘do not swim’

signs posted along the course of our cruise.


This is what I call a forest.

Taken near Forrest in South West Victoria’s

temperate rainforests, near the Otway Ranges,

this drive through these trees is one of my favourites.

And only about an hour or so from Geelong.


Where’s My Backpack: Forest







My first contribution for Jo’s Monday Walk

showed the Promenade situated on

 Geelong’s Eastern Beach

Geelong Foreshore 3

Parts of the Promenade are visible

in the background of this shot.

However, many visitors choose to wander

along this path between the

Promenade and the Yacht Club environs.

Geelong Foreshore 5

In this area of the foreshore are spots for

barbeques, picnics or just relaxing.

MGW’s Grandfather was once responsible

for keeping all these lawns in pristine condition.


A short walk up this path and you are a slow ten minute

walk from the Central Business District.



Jo’s Monday Walk