Wordless Wednesday16_Brugge

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Sights from Brugge Town Square/Market place.

brugge-harp_0171 I thought this young lady was setting up for some busking.

However, the gentleman talking to her soon escorted

some tourists in her direction.

Five minutes later she was gone.


Looking for tourist fares.


And our first look at a popular mode of transport,

particularly in Belgium and The Netherlands.



Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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One Word Photo Challenge-Distance



After a rain ride up steep Mt Rigi, in Switzerland…mt-rigi_0086this last two hundred metre walk look long and steep.

A quick conference with my knees,

they agreed they could make it…slowly.

The trip down, this shot is about halfway,

was just as arduous as there was very little to hold on to.

mt-rigi_0068It was well worth the effort as the view from to top,

over Lake Lucerne, was just stunning.


 One Word Photo Challenge:Distance