Weekly Photo Challenge-Tiny



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



When eight week old Taji arrived in January this year,

she was tiny enough to sit quietly in our utility.taji_8221

There is no  way she would sit in a vehicle today.candi_9078However, when a seven week old Candi arrived…

well you can see how she compared to Boof Head!


At eight weeks she was not much bigger.


Taji thought it was great.

She now had a real live toy to play with.


For the next few weeks we held our collective breathes

each time this scene was enacted.

Not sure how we survived really as the only time this,

or a variation of it was not  in play was when

we physically separated the two.

Nowadays playtime is more even.







Saint James’ Park, London features this week.

leaves_saint-james-park-london_0117A variety of coloured leaves provides

a nice visual display in this part of the park.

leaves_saint-james-park-london_0107And I just had to take a photo of this.

The plant in the centre I know as

Castor Oil Bush‘ which Google tells me it is not.

However, we had two great clumps of it,

not in the garden but not far away.

They were about 5 – 10 metres in diameter and I spent

a large portion of my teen years trying to eliminate them.

Imagine my surprise to find it being cultivated

about 400 metres from Buckingham Palace.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Leaves


Floral Friday-16-1111


Floral Friday Challenge.


From last Friday, November 4, 2016.


 The Bridal Boquet


The Groom’s button hole.

rose-pink_2651Father of the Groom.

By this stage I had retreated to the cooler comfort of the car,

discarded my suit jacket while waiting to drive

the newlyweds to their next photo location.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday