Wordless Wednesday16_Amsterdam

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Often we hear other nationalities ask if we have kangaroos

hopping around all over the place.

I must confess that my limited knowledge,

mostly from school days, had me thinking

that we would see more windmills.

This was the only windmill, of its type,

which we sighted out of our coach window.


Next…cyclists in Amsterdam.

Fascinating to see a cyclist keep pace with

or out ride a motor scooter.


And while speaking of motor scooters,

this was the corner where we were to meet.

Just across from the Amsterdam Railway Station.

I watched in horror as MGW followed a green light

and commenced walking across the road,

while a motor scooter rider ran the red light facing him.

It’s a good job I have had plenty of practice bellowing at

errant sheep dogs while on the farm

as this skill had to be put into practice

at short notice from about twenty metres away.

Fortunately MGW heard me call out,

stopped, looked and jumped out of the way.



Wordless Wednesday

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