2020 in review

January bushfires, although a long way from us

created some spectacular sunsets.


February we attended the last large gathering for the year

when our youngest graduated from

Geelong’s Deakin University

with a Degree in Business.


Marching into autumn we found

our supermarket shelves bare…

…due to panic buying because of a thing called COVID 19.

Soldiering on into April saw the first of several

home delivered meals arrive at our front door.





May was almost normal minus crowded outings.

Even Zoom meetings were were fast becoming

a normal way to get together.


My first sunrise outing came in June

after lockdown restrictions were eased.


By July, wInter was really upon us;

cold and gloomy mornings,

followed by cool sunny days

What better time to learn a bit more about Photoshop.



By August we were well and truly in lockdown again

and our panic buys had nearly filled a spare room.

Mid-September, out of lockdown

and spring had arrived.



When were shown this scan, of our first Grandchild

and asked to wait until the twenty-week scan

until the parents made their announcement.

So in October we could talk about the news.

  November found me on a day trip to Port Fairy

for some photography.


November also brought an abundance of cemetery wild flowers…

…not to mention Callistemons in our garden.

Another morning and I found myself photographing

a ship leaving Port Phillip Bay.

The last week of November our cherries were harvested.

Early December some of the fruits of

lockdown projects in the garden.

Another December task is erecting and

decorating our Christmas tree.

And New Year’s Day it will be packed away

until next December.



SUNDAY STILLS PHOTOS:...2020-Retrospectively







Images of Christmas through the years.






The first Christmas as ‘empty nesters’

it was decided to use a smaller 4 foot tall tree.  

The two who had flown the nest

were not impressed.











Like the rest of 2020 Christmas

was different this year,

enjoyable…but different



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Christmas-2020









a hollow metal object, typically in the shape of
a deep inverted cup widening at the lip,
that sounds a clear musical note when struck,
especially by means of a clapper inside


Dusky Bells


Christmas bell

from Nice.

Our Christmas tree








Although I have not visited this house this year…


…I am assuming that its

Christmas light display…

…is similar…

…to previous years.


This is our 2020 Christmas tree.

Captured with a 5 second exposure

and the help of Photoshop

to lighten shadows.










Christmas Tree 2020.

Like the rest of 2020 Christmas is going

to be different this year, not so much

due to COVID rather  personal circumstances. 

Our eldest is in New Zealand for Christmas

awaiting the birth of the first child. 

No 2 Soon is going to lunch with his in-laws,

however, we will see him on Christmas Eve

for Carols and again on Christmas night. 

This year instead of around 20 for

Christmas lunch there will

only be eight.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Christmas-2020








Our cherry tree a few months ago


Ginko leaves


Morning sun and foliage.

This time of year a very common sight.

Sheep being sun smart.

Sun smart sheep.


A Grass Tree (Xanthorrhoea australis)

formerly known as Black Boys

Follow the preceding link for the story

behind their name.

A portion of the most important tree

at this time of year.


THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Darkness-and-Light

Darkness and Light

I did commence gathering sunrise-sunset photos…

for the Darkness-Light challenge.

Then I remembered Wednesday night’s drive…

 and could not think of a more appropriate time…

to use these photos.

MGW declared 14 degrees Celsius too cold

to be out wandering and admiring this front yard.

However, with Bing Crosby crooning his favourite

Christmas Carols over the Public address system,

this front yard easily made all other look rather

insignificant by comparison.

Merry Christmas for 2017


Thursday’s Special: Darkness-and-Light



For the past thirty plus years…the first weekend in December… 

has been set aside…

by MGW and boys

(when they were old enough)…

to erect our Christmas tree.


Last year, 2016…

while travelling in Europe…

MGW noticed some Christmas shops,

open in September…

and our tree took on… 

an international flavour…

with baubles from… 

most of the cities we visited.

This year…

my quick trip to Arras, France….

had an important part to it. 


Buy some Arras Christmas baubles please,

was the directive. 

I soon discovered that not all European towns/cities

had a year round Christmas shop.

But Dubai did last year.

However, I did manage to find two

at one of the Arras shops.

This was a leftover from 2016 Christmas…

on the back was an image which I will always

associate with Arras’ two main squares…namely

Place des Heros and La Grand Place

Both have added to the

international flavour of our Christmas tree.

This has also  commenced another tradition

in our household and that is to purchase

a Christmas decoration from each town,

city or country we visit.

As usual we don’t have an Australian decoration…yet! 🙂


Thursday’s Special: Tradition

Weekly Photo Challenge-Its-No-This-Time-of-Year-Without…



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


Usually this weekend, or next Christmas

starts to happen in our household.


In 2005 I did not have a camera which would

capture all of our tree in one shot without tilting.


When straightened in Picasa I lost

the star…hence both shots.


It’s our turn for the family Christmas again this year,

so this is also on our mind about now.

Well maybe MGW’s mind more than mine. 🙂


We may need to expand the 2013 table as

our family has grown a bit since then.


For reasons unknown, in 2015 fifteen we decided

that a little Christmas tree was in order.

 Only immediate family for Christmas.

MGW just told me that this tree went in the bin/trash

soon after Christmas due to complaints from boys

about not having the big Christmas tree

which they never helped erect anyway!


They said it wasn’t Christmas without our green tree.


So, in 2016 we will be erecting our green tree again.

Complete with Christmas decorations from

nearly every city we visited in Europe,

as well as a Dubai bauble,

because this year it is again our turn to

host the family Christmas.

I must confess to preferring the green tree.

Definitely more Australian.

And, of course, it’s time for me to begin

practising my

“Bah!! Humbug!!”

again 😀