Not that I have frequented the cinema

to any great deal in the last 12 months,

it is just knowing that I can.

With some restrictions easing last weekend,

the week just gone was the first time,

in nearly two months,

that we have legally been able

to leave the house for anything other

than exercise and shopping for essentials,

without fear of being booked

for not being at home.

Cinemas, hotels, churches and schools

are still basically in lockdown conditions.


Strangely the week passed before

I realised this and consequently

I did not pack my camera and go

for a drive to Torquay beach

or anywhere else.

In fact in between conducting her zoom classes

MGW and I have been gardening.


FriendlyFriday:   Isolation-Cravings

Amanda                       Sandi

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Taste




May not be a healthy meal…

…but my taste buds claim anything

prepared by someone else

is healthy.

Who am I to argue?




Definitely an acquired taste,

even Down Under.

Some apply it so thinly it’s see through

I like it thick.

So you cannot see the toast

under the spread.


The sense of taste.