Towards the end of our first day

in Kruger National Park…

…our driver received a message which lead us to

what I call my National Geographic shot.

So called because it is where I thought it

most likely to see such a shot…


…and also because I imagined that such an image

would require much patience

and luck to capture.



On our final morning at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

we were woken by the sound of

breaking tree branches.

Upon looking outside into the darkness

I noticed this passerby, probably heading

for the water hole.

More surprising was the fact that it was only

this image which made me realise the there was only

a three foot six inch high fence

separating us from wildlife.


The following year another surprise

at Botswana’s Elephant Sands.

While at breakfast we noticed this elephant

wandering past last night’s accommodation.

We wondered how many other had

wandered past during the night.

Elephant Sands is a water hole which elephants come

to drink at any time of day or night.

As with all animals there were more

at night than during the day.

Some of the accommodation can bee seen

in the background for the record my camera

lens was set at 55 mm for this shot.



Back to 2013 and our last evening at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

We were offered one last surprise game drive.

About half an hour into the drive the message

came through of a sighting…at

the other end of the reserve.




Long story short.

Mother Limpy watched on while

Nosy and Rosy (our nicknames for the cubs)

came to within twenty-five feet of our

vehicle to watch the tourists

and play on the elephant dung.

Twenty breath taking minutes and 300 shots later,

as the sun neared the horizon,

our driver alerted other vehicles

in the reserve of our sighting.



We had seen the work of a local artist,

made contact via Facebook and had one of our photos

converted into to into a charcoal sketch which

now adorns our living room wall.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:   Surprise

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:    Surprise

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:   Surprise

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:    Surprise



Rosalee Station

(Rosalee Station #1)


Mandy Magro


Rosalee Station was my first Mandy Magro book and at times I thought it would be my last.  Set in Queensland and outback Rosalee Station it tells the story of Sarah Clarke, her friends and her love life.  I have read several other authors whose work was described as ‘chick lit’; however, Ms Magro has outdone any other (audio or written) chick lit novel.

There were times when I was shaking my head at the juvenile antics of the females in this book. Sarah was twenty-three, however both Sarah and her friends came across as early teens on many occasions.  Similarly several of the boys sounded like old men with their deep, drawling, voices.  This may have been narrator’s interpretation of the way this age group talks and behaves.  If so, it has done nothing to help me enjoy Rosalee Station.  If anything narrator Louise Crawford’s character voices played a large part in relegating Rosalee Station to two star status.

I am not on my own when I lament the overuse of rhyming slang, which at times, reminded me of primary school toilet humour.  I must be getting old!  It is unlikely that international readers would be able to interpret some of the included slang.  For me, the rot began within five minutes of the story when Sarah and boyfriend went down to the dam for a swim and a ‘quickie’ under a gum tree.  I really think Ms Magro did herself a disservice sinking to that level of writing.  As I said I must be getting old!

On that small plus side, and there is one, if you can overlook or enjoy that type of commentary (toilet humour – because it does get worse out at Rosalee Station), you may just enjoy Rosalee Station as a very light look at outback life through the eyes of these Jackaroos and Jillaroos.

I rated

Rosalee Station

Rosalee Station

as a two star read/audiobook

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Rosalee Station

an average of 4.04 stars

from 336 ratings

and 29 reviews.

Rosalee Station

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon





A tradition the same the world over…

 Whether it’s Lucerne….


…or Sydney’s

Manly Beach…



…when the sun shines and warms our planet,

many of us head to water for a picnic

and a relaxing swim.


FriendlyFriday:  Summer-Traditions

Amanda                       Sandi






Scenery from our travels.


Million Dollar View


Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel.


Mount Ruapehu

Tongariro National Park

New Zealand.


Drakensburg Mountains,

South Africa

I think this is Sulphur Mountain


Banff’s Main Street



A view from

Rocky Mountaineer

Train Ride

to Vancouver.


Finally, a genuine

Victorian sunrise


Corio Bay,



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Scenic