Google will tell you that

Botswana’s Lekhubu Island

was once surrounded by water and… 

 …may have looked something like this.

In 2014, however, it was a bare salt pan

devoid of…


…of much plant life and even less animal life.


Our little island in the desert was

surrounded by nothing…

…almost as far as the eye could see.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk231 – Nothing




About six months ago MGW decided to

purchase a treadmill so we could

exercise indoors come rain, hail or shine.

Now, some say golfing spoils a good walk!

Personally I think walking spoils

a good game of golf and

that is perhaps why I haven’t

chased the little white ball

for around ten years.

Where did that time go?

But back to the Treadmill.

Yes, I am an irregular user of said machine.

Monday before Easter I decided to walk

around the block on the treadmill.

On this occasion though,

I hadn’t made the hundred metre mark

of my 1.1 kilometre walk

before I felt what I thought was a toe nail

digging into its next door neighbour.

I gritted my teeth and kept on keeping on.

And all the while it seemed like that toenail

was getting longer with each stride.

I made it around the block and was

happy that it wasn’t a bigger block! 

My aching knees I carried me from

one end of the house to the other where

I noticed a trail of feathery looking marks on the tiles. 

Could it be? 

Yes it was!

A red liquid was seeping from my afflicted toe.

The pain felt as my blister formed and burst

was absolutely nothing compared

to MGW’s wrath at the mess I had made. 

Fortunately very few of my steps had been on

a very, very pale, coloured carpet.

Taped up and cleaned up I limped back to

treadmill room to find MGW trying to stop

a blood soaked tread from disappearing

each time she wanted to clean it. 



During COVID lockdown 2020,

on that Monday before Easter

I discovered that I could not walk

around the block barefoot on our treadmill.

Even if I was certain that I had done so previously.


FriendlyFriday:   COVID-Discoveries

Amanda                       Sandi




I thought I would not have the opportunity

to use Zoom.

However, as luck would have it,

my physiotherapist was only using technology

to talk to patients in April.

Now I can say I was educated in the use

of Zoom during the Lockdown in 2020.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Education