About 9 years ago I had never dreamed

of taking this, or any other, image

in Kruger National Park.

A spur of the moment decision saw us

making plans to visit

Botswana’s Okavango Delta in 2014.

It was here we sighted what

our guides described as…

…1,000 elephants migrating from A to B.


Finally a less exotic image

from much closer to home.

A dreamy view of the

Wimmera River

at Horsham,



One Word Sunday Challenge:  Dream




a person exhibiting extremely wild
or violent behaviour.


We often declare that our two pooches…

…behave like maniacs.

However, this based on

their exuberant behaviour.

The only thing extreme about their

behaviour is that Taji actually runs

for a few minutes.

And the only violent part of them

would be if they do not watch where

they are going and run into either of us

or some other thing in the yard

at top speed.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Maniac




About a half hour drive out of Dubai

and the city is all but a memory.

I had never seen such expanses of sand.

It was interesting to see the sun ‘set’

above the horizon…blocked out

by the dust and sand .

The Gibson Steps area of Victoria’s

Great Ocean Road

is a deserted sandy beach.

Very close to the Twelve Apostles.