Like Cee, I have never had sunflowers in our garden.

 In fact I would suggest with 99% certainty

that the only times I have seen sunflowers growing

is in paddocks as a crop for their seed and oil.

However, we have been gardening

over the past week or so.

 Two small beds were created to take

a white crepe myrtle and bulbs.

Another modified with a smaller raised bed

and some decent soil.

During the process bulb shopping proved difficult.

Stocks were low on the local scene.

eBay proved a better hunting ground.

I found some pink daffodils,

never sight previously,

and not far from Melbourne.

  They arrived by mail yesterday.

This morning most of the

daffodils bulbs were planted.

In a couple of months we should have

a nice display of pink daffodils.

BTW: the photo is an eBay image


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Plant-Sunflowers





Peter Lalor .


Peter Lalor was the fourth speaker

of Victoria’s Legislative Assembly.

He  was also appointed leader of

the 1854 Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat.

Click here to find out more about

the Eureka Rebellion.


Again from,

Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour.


My-Corner-of-the-World:  0506






The photo is of two pups, barely 18 months old.

In 2020 the scene is often the same, only heavier!

We both hold our breath and hope the ‘rat bags

have enough sense to slow down, stop

or change direction before their

40 and 20 kilograms, respectively

makes contact with us.