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K. A. Tucker



Until It Fades, is another of K. A. Tucker’s standalone novels in which a twenty-four year old waitress with her five year old daughter take the leading roles.

To say Catherine Wright has a strained relationship with her mother would be an understatement.  After leaving home Catherine decides she will not return to her family home no matter hard difficult her life is.  She finds herself working as a waitress in a truck stop.  Her boss sets her up on a blind date and it is while she is returning from this date that she happens across a car which has hit an oak tree.  She manages to free the passenger just before the car explodes.

Naturally, this is the beginning of a romance, which Catherine doesn’t think will last, with Brett, the well known captain of a Canadian hockey team.  For me, the star of this book was Brenna, Catherine’s five year old daughter.  Until It Fades is a light, easy and enjoyable read.

I rated

Until It Fades

as an enjoyable

four star read.

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers have rated

Until It Fades

an average of 3.98 stars

from 12,837 ratings

and 1,495 reviews.


:Until It Fades

Until It Fades

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