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Little Secrets


Jennifer Hillier

Little Secrets was my fifth reading of a book written by Jennifer Hillier.   The focus of Little Secrets is the mother of four year old Sebastian.  Mother (Marin) and typical four year are at a fair with Sebastian demanding a lollipop and trying to get free of Marin’s grip.  Sound familiar?  Her phone rings and she briefly releases her grip of Sebastian’s hand and he is abducted.  A parent’s worst nightmare, isn’t it?

Fast forward eighteen months or so and distraught Marin hires a private investigator to try and solve the mystery of her missing son.  In the course of investigating everyone involved, the private investigator discovers that Derek, Marin’s husband, is having an affair with a much younger woman.  Marin is, however, not alone.  She has a school friend who comforts her.


Little Secrets is a fast moving easy read with a much unexpected ending.  Are friends really friends?  Is the affair just an affair?  Will Marin ever see Sebastian again?  Will he be alive or dead if and when she does see him?  The answer to all these questions will be revealed in Little Secrets.

I enjoyed reading Little Secrets; however, I felt it was not quite up to the standard of The Butcher, my first Hillier read.  And again like many other books carrying the ‘thriller’ label Little Secrets is only a mystery, albeit one worth reading if your children are not toddlers.

I have rated Little Secrets a solid 4 star read.



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