I have thank Leya for inspiration for today’s post.

these effects have always fascinated me.

Googled swirls and twirls and found

an ideal YouTube video

Grabbing the last photo that Photoshop had opened,

and with a few stops, to repeat instructions,

along the way, I turned my beach scene into

an abstract arty sort of image.

As with all videos the instructor was not

using my Elements 14 Photoshop

so I missed out on some blending.

However, it was pleased with final result.

Even it is only a simple twirl.

Another pastime, growing each year,

is my reading habit.

The above screen shot from my iPad

shows some of my most recent reads.

A year or so ago I notice an advertisement

for ‘Dawn  Girl’ by Leslie Wolfe

whilst browsing Amazon.

Sixteen books later I think I have read

most of her offerings.

Jennifer Hillier, Tony J. Forder,

K. A.Tucker and John Grisham

are some of thee recent authors read.

If interested my Goodreads


Same photo as at top of post.

Just need to learn how to make images

more interesting now.



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I haven’t taken leave of my senses!

These Hobbit images were posted 

for their circular content last week.

This week I re-posted them

(and here is a spoiler alert)

because they are only facades

Very few Hobbit houses have

any capacity/room behind the front door.

For all intents and purposes the houses

are only three or four feet deep.

From memory, there was only one house

which had any storage room inside

and that was very limited.

They are simply an addition to the hillside.




Geelong’s Deakin University

Water Front Campus

Until the late 1960s/early 70s this building

was Dalgety’s Wool Store.

During wool sales wool belonging to

wool producers from all over Victoria and

into new South Wales would have their

wool on display for buyers’ appraisal before sale.


Today the waterfront area of Geelong still is home

to many of these red brick buildings.

Their facade is the only reminder of their

original purpose, for those of us

old enough to remember.


Ryan-Weekly-PC-68:   Facade







having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas
about something or someone.

The only ambivalence a labrador shows

where food is concerned is…

…when and how quickly can I eat it.

Taji’s preferred answer to that question is

Now and As quickly as possible.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Ambivalent