I have thank Leya for inspiration for today’s post.

these effects have always fascinated me.

Googled swirls and twirls and found

an ideal YouTube video

Grabbing the last photo that Photoshop had opened,

and with a few stops, to repeat instructions,

along the way, I turned my beach scene into

an abstract arty sort of image.

As with all videos the instructor was not

using my Elements 14 Photoshop

so I missed out on some blending.

However, it was pleased with final result.

Even it is only a simple twirl.

Another pastime, growing each year,

is my reading habit.

The above screen shot from my iPad

shows some of my most recent reads.

A year or so ago I notice an advertisement

for ‘Dawn  Girl’ by Leslie Wolfe

whilst browsing Amazon.

Sixteen books later I think I have read

most of her offerings.

Jennifer Hillier, Tony J. Forder,

K. A.Tucker and John Grisham

are some of thee recent authors read.

If interested my Goodreads


Same photo as at top of post.

Just need to learn how to make images

more interesting now.



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21 thoughts on “Lens-Artist-PC-97-Pastimes

  1. Thanks for the link, Woolly. I was wondering how you created those beautiful swirls of color. A great idea for an abstract. I haven’t read the author you mentioned, but obviously you highly recommend her!


    • Patti I stumbled across this link and literally followed instructions as the video ran. I did paused the video while I found some of the tools mentioned. This blokke said it was swirls for beginners which suited me down to the ground.
      This link for SWIRLS video tutorial.

      Link for Gavin’s Youtube channel

      Author…I presume you mean Leslie Wolfe mentioned first. I make this comment for clarification as Kathleen A. Tucker and Jennifer Hillier were also mentioned. I recommend Wolfe’s work if you like suspense in your reading. The Tess Winnett series is the best. Some of her earlier work is okay but Tess is an outspoken Detective who always gets her perpetrator.

      Some of Wolfe’s earlier offerings are not up to the standard of the 6 book (includes two novellas) Tess Winnett series…but still worth a read in my opinion.

      Jennifer Hillier has the only thriller (by definition) I have read…The Butcher. By far the best of the five Hillier books.

      A fair bit of gore in moman of the above books. Also victims are often young females in the mid-teen to mid-twenty age range. Thought it only fair to warn you. 🙂

      For some easy romance K. A. Turner’s, Burying Water (4 book) Series…best read in order. I very much like the way she has written these books. Each of books 2-4 focus on one of the main character from book one. Also her Wild Series (2 books)..Book #1..the pick of them.

      Many of my reads are reviewed either on WoollyMuses or my Goodreads page.
      Recent reads should be on both.


  2. Oh, well done, Woolly! So glad to have inspired you! Wonderful colours in your swirls and twirls too. Is the last one from the same photo? Then you found the blending? And so many books you read! – I’m impressed. Have to watch your YouTube clip as well.


    • Thank you. Yes the last image is also the beach scene. Have also just spent some time playing around with the hide/reveal features resulting in a reasonable first try. Probably won’t get much better…my right shakes like a whippet on a frosty morning these days, making holding a mouse steady rather difficult. Thank you for timely post.


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