*. accept that something undesirable cannot be avoided


After one or two laps of the back yard Taji resigns herself…

…to the fact that Labradors are not made to catch,

or keep up with Kelpies.

Like all Labradors she is happy to watch

from the sidelines while gasping for breath.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Resign




The obvious choice…

…for a duck  themed post.




Cricket is where another meaning of

the word ‘duck’ is frequently used.

Should a batsman not make any runs before he/she

goes out, they are said to have made,

or be out for, a duck.

Nor does it matter if the batter has be in the

field all day or for a few minutes.

No runs equals a duck.


Should the batsman go out on the first ball

they have faced it is said that he/she has

made a ‘golden duck’.

Golden does sound better however with the

quirkiness of cricket it is far worse for

the batting side and much better

for the bowling side.