An old photo…

but I did expect more from Taji when

I appeared at the back door this morning.



Our presence at the laundry door usually means

she is being let off her chain.   

Note the darker hollow in the gravel (bottom left)

where she usually bounces and has worn

a sizeable hole in the gravel. 

Several years ago I said I would fix the hole

when Taji stopped bouncing. 

She is still bouncing as she approaches her fifth birthday. 

I think she will win this battle of wills.


Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk234 – Presence




July 27, 2016

…our Miss Saigons are looking pretty good.

This was the scene on August 2nd, 2016.

Not only was Miss Saigon damaged beyond repair,

so too were the nearby pots.

The only conclusion we could arrive at was that

two energetic young pups had taken a shortcut

through a garden bed and in the hurly burly of their race

had also taken the same path as before

Miss Saigon was installed.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Shortcut


Wordless Wednesday20_2605-Fog

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Tues May 26, 2020.

1040 hours,

Visibility approximately

150 metres.










Appears many of us don’t know the meaning

of two metres apart.

Glad we have an example!  🙂


Thanks again Facebook


Stay safe.    🙂


Hope you enjoyed.