Google will tell you that

Botswana’s Lekhubu Island

was once surrounded by water and… 

 …may have looked something like this.

In 2014, however, it was a bare salt pan

devoid of…


…of much plant life and even less animal life.


Our little island in the desert was

surrounded by nothing…

…almost as far as the eye could see.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk231 – Nothing

7 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk231-Nothing

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  2. Love the overlay of lake. Nicely done! What happened to the water? Natural process or man-made desertification?

    I was warned off, multiple times, to not drive across the Australian outback. “It’s mile after mile of never-changing nothingness.” “There is nothing to see.”

    From Townsville to Darwin to Adelaide, the 6,000km drive was one of the most fascinating expanses of “nothing” I’ve ever traversed.

    I’m wondering if this excursion of nothingness of yours held some fascinations of its own?


    • THank you Patrick. I’m glad you were happy with your 6,000 kkm of ‘nothingness’. That’s how I felt way back in April 1975. Our destination (an APT Camping Trip) was Darwin and home via Longreach, Winton (home of QANTAS), both in Queensland and bourke (New South Wales).

      Sua (Sowa) Salt Pan was part of Lake Makgadikgadi, which evaporated many millennia ago. Apparently Mitochondrial DNA indicates that the area was inhabited by humans 200,000 years ago (Wikipedia)

      And yes. I found the experience quite fascinating. Perhaps not the facilities, although that qaas 2014 and I believe that there were improvements being made. However, those improvement were not all that close to the island and that, in my opinion was the most fascinating part of the journey.

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      • Wow! That’s a while back, eh?

        Our route was a bit north of yours, through Mt. Isa and Camoweal. However, my sister and I visited some new relies at their 300,000 hectare sheep station 150km north of Quilpie, to which we drove in our hired Toyota Camry from Brisbane. From there we took the station track north to Blackall then west as far as Longreach, where we turned back around for Queensland. There’s a story about being struck by an emu on the station track, but it takes too long to tell very well. 😉

        It was a good year with several great road trips in Australia. 🙂


      • I guess I should have added the we did not make it into Darwin, it was still closed after Cyclone Tracy hit on Christmas eve 1974. From memory we drove through or past Camoweal and spent one or to nights in Mt Isa, after an all night drive from Daly Waters because flooding had turned the road into a way road 12 hours each way.


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