About six months ago MGW decided to

purchase a treadmill so we could

exercise indoors come rain, hail or shine.

Now, some say golfing spoils a good walk!

Personally I think walking spoils

a good game of golf and

that is perhaps why I haven’t

chased the little white ball

for around ten years.

Where did that time go?

But back to the Treadmill.

Yes, I am an irregular user of said machine.

Monday before Easter I decided to walk

around the block on the treadmill.

On this occasion though,

I hadn’t made the hundred metre mark

of my 1.1 kilometre walk

before I felt what I thought was a toe nail

digging into its next door neighbour.

I gritted my teeth and kept on keeping on.

And all the while it seemed like that toenail

was getting longer with each stride.

I made it around the block and was

happy that it wasn’t a bigger block! 

My aching knees I carried me from

one end of the house to the other where

I noticed a trail of feathery looking marks on the tiles. 

Could it be? 

Yes it was!

A red liquid was seeping from my afflicted toe.

The pain felt as my blister formed and burst

was absolutely nothing compared

to MGW’s wrath at the mess I had made. 

Fortunately very few of my steps had been on

a very, very pale, coloured carpet.

Taped up and cleaned up I limped back to

treadmill room to find MGW trying to stop

a blood soaked tread from disappearing

each time she wanted to clean it. 



During COVID lockdown 2020,

on that Monday before Easter

I discovered that I could not walk

around the block barefoot on our treadmill.

Even if I was certain that I had done so previously.


FriendlyFriday:   COVID-Discoveries

Amanda                       Sandi

2 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday-COVID-Discoveries

  1. Golf interfering with your walk! That’s funny.

    Thanks for joining in Friendly Friday. I’m glad to read your story. Gladder still that you didnt feel pressured to include a photo. All that blood and gore! 😉


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