Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Tools


I’m late because I have been seeking inspiration.

MGW’s shopping list and tools required to create it.

The begone wrinkle tool. 

Pity it does work on our skin!!

I’m feel certain that John Wayne referred to these as ‘Eatin’ irons‘.

Top drawer in my desk contains two very important tools…

a hole punch and…

a stapler.











Black and White Challenge.


A variety of drinks.Hot and cold drinks abroad The Q Train for

our Wedding anniversary earlier in the year.

I suspect a French breakfast at an Ibis Hotel…last year.

A warm day in Nice called for a cold drink.

 A Sunday morning coffee break was called for…

around 10 AM.

Even though it was raining this  drink was gratefully accepted.


Cees-Black-White-Photo-Challenge: HotColdDrinks






It wasn’t until after completing my woolclassing training

that I realised how important how it was to be able to recognise

the tactile qualities of wool without using any visual stimuli.

Before a fleece was consigned to a bale with a AAA brand on it,

It would have to be rated as some of the softest wool in its category/class.

To help improve our tactile skills a trainer asked us

to class/categorise wool using touch only.



The fleece sitting on the end of my wool table

would have been held back to donate to a local fleece show fund raiser.

 Therefore it would have been one of the softest I produced each year.



Word of the Day Challenge: Tactile