Hobbiton is my magical place this week.I found the Hobbits Movie Set…

a truly fascinating place to visit.

However, I have not been able to watch the first movie as yet.

I think this is THE tree which never dies and

gets a make over every few months.

If there are Hobbits fans reading this please forgive any inaccuracy.

As mentioned I have yet to watch a Hobbits movie.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Magical-Places






Back in February there was an engagement party

for our eldest and his fiance in Auckland….her home.

It was a hectic weekend to say the least and midday Sunday

found us patiently waiting for our 1300 hours flight home

with Air New Zealand


November18 WitsEnd-Inspirations: Journey-Home

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Lights


New Zealand lights.

The Stratosfare Restaurant at Rotorua.

Or maybe better to say  that guests need to

take the Skyline Gondola up to the restaurant.

Definitely worth a visit.

The last two were captured in the… 

Auckland Airport.











Just had to have a photo taken at Forty Degrees below Zero.

The cold penetrated denim very easily and

I am constantly reminded that the

temperature gauge is not showing 40 below! 🙂

Considering anything below ten degrees Celsius

is shiver time during winter

a few minutes in there was enough.


Word of the Day Challenge: Freeze