Public transport Geelong and Melbbourne.

Taxis waiting for fares.


Two of Melbourne’s Trams.

Generally speaking my ride to and from Melbourne.

Although back in August I did take a ride on the new

Port Phillip Ferry service between Geelong and Melbourne.

This service is due to commence in the New Year.


It would be about a five-minute walk from Geelong’s CBD

and 10 to 15 minutes from here to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

However, seniors get a round trip to Melbourne from Geelong

is about $7-$8 by train, which is much cheaper

than a $26 Senior round trip on the Ferry.

I must confess I do love the Ferry ride, however finding a parking spot

in Geelong is a nightmare.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Public-Transport




Floral Friday18-Butchart-Gardens-2311


Floral Friday Challenge.


More from the Japanese Gardens at

Butchart Gardens…16Victoria…


Vancouver Island,


British Columbia,



Floral Friday

Floral Friday






This time 12 months ago I was still smarting

because rodents had invaded my shed and my ute/truck

eaten through the water hoses and hence….

rat and mouse traps were purchased and a dozen or so

catches later the ‘plague’ seemed to ease.

Things became very worrisome when they also invaded the garage

which is where this shot was taken.


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