This is as close as we see to a flood around here.

And due to the general drier climate we now live in,


these scenes are only seen after winter rains

or sudden heavy rain events. 

I must also add that these are 2017 images and

taken some ten to fifteen kilometres from where we live.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Flood



North American blues this week.

Our verandah view at the

Mike Wiegele Resort,

Blue River, Canada

We had a wonderful visit to

3,700 feet high Grouse Mountain…


where blue skies and icy snow packs gave us

something unusual to photograph.

We had been told of Beaver Tails so just had  to sample.


Although a cardiologist may not agree.

A few weeks later were soaring into the wild blue yonder

as we departed Fairbanks, in our bright blue plane,

crossing the Arctic Circle on our way

to Wiseman, Alaska.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Blue







Some shots of the library…

where MGW spends her days.

Not certain if this was known as the Happy Days booths or not.

I think The Fonze would be impressed though.

From stories I hear this is one of the most enjoyed areas of the library.   

I believe it is crowded with students at lunch times

all eager to help complete the current jigsaw.


November18 WitsEnd-Inspirations: Library




Doors and Doorways

Church door, Geelong.


Could be Brugge.  Only a guess.


and again Geelong.

An arch or doorway to a market square

in Brugge, Belgium.

After hearing talk of Menin Gate, at Ypres…

it was a privilege to visit  last year.

This could be my favourite Belgium

doorway to a city.


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