Not the first time I have posted this photo…

however, even though I have created the ‘extras’, in this image,

I’m sure there are spirits of the fallen, lost and missing

standing guard over these cemeteries.


This is at the Thiepval Memorial for the missing

on the Somme Battlefields (1914-1918).


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Supernatural




Fun shots.Caught my eye because it reminded me of one of my old farm vehicles.



The ‘UN’ McDonald’s had me scratching my head. 

Must have been when choice arrived in OZ.

Garden Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes. 

This one can be seen from Geelong’s ring road

if ever you are passing by.

Another cute logo and company name.

Ouch!  Nuff said!!


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti: Just-for-Fun

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya: Just-for-Fun

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy: Just-for-Fun

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina: Just-for-Fun




The North American Rockies seemed

a good starting point for rugged scenery.

These first two images are from

an excursion inland from Skagway…

both depicting the ruggedness of the Rocky Mountains.


The highlight of our cruise waas visiting Glacier Bay.

Truly magnificent is an apt description

of the scenery and the experience.



Pic and Word Challenge: Rugged




There were some moments of angst

in our household yesterday (Sunday) afternoon…

after Candi was discovered barking at this dead baby snake.

Not sure why it is dead.

There are claw or teeth marks along its body

or perhaps I may have run over it with the lawn mover

on Thursday/Friday.

Local FaceBook group has described it as a Baby;

Brown, Eastern Brown or perhaps a Copperhead snake.

Doesn’t really matter as all are deadly

even at this size…about 20 cm.


Word of the Day Challenge: Angst

Floral Friday18-Butchart-Gardens-2610


Floral Friday Challenge.


Butchart Gardens…12


Vancouver Island,

British Columbia,



Floral Friday

Floral Friday






During our drive between Whakatane and Whangamata

which are almost at the opposite ends of

New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty…

we turned into a random turn off our main road

and discovered this small river/creek/stream.

Our New Zealand road trip was the first time we had

taken time to explore the randoms of the world.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Down-a-Random-Road