Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Funny


Funny in a cute kind of way.

It was only a year or two later when

No 1 Son (at the steering wheel)

was driving the ute across the paddock with No. 2’s small hands

barely hanging on to a two-inch diameter pipe

(just  visible top right) while standing on the back. 


And 25 years down the track they a still grumbling

because I was very cross with them. 

Not because they were driving, rather at their lack of care,

how fast or how dangerous it was. 

It is a standing chuckle that Number 1 was able

to hit a gate post in a twenty-foot wide temporary gateway

and Number 2 managed to drive so close to a tree that he hit

the bar I referred to previously.

The next two are more cute he funny me thinks…

However they always rate…

a smile or more from me.








Dear old Maggie…

carrying her food to a comfortable spot.


A few years ago we began to feed some magpies. 

Baby Taji kept a close eye on this and decided…

magpies were not going to have any food on her turf. 

Apologies for photo quality…the birds were nearly washed out

so bright was the sun that day.

Today Taji prefers to carry larger bones,

even if the cannot be eaten or is cleaned out inside.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Carry