My own Remembrance Day post

along with some Canadian Memories for you Patrick.

Although I must confess they are

memorialising a New Foundland Regiment.

and not a BC regiment.

As we walked the trenches my thoughts were that there

was not enough cover and I would be wanting to

dig down another foot or so if someone was shooting at me.

If anyone recognises this young lady

and she would like a full copy of the photo I will oblige.

I don’t like posting photos

if have not asked the subject.


Remembrance Day 2018

Before visiting the Western Front Battlefields in June 2017,

I had heard that Flanders poppies grew like weeds

on the Somme battlefields. 

While this photo was taken in a cemetery,

the second image was a typical farm sight.

The photo below however, was not 

And was an unexpected sight… 

On this day,

the eleventh day

of the eleventh month

at the eleventh hour

World War I ended

in 1918. 

Today is Remembrance Day


“We will remember them.”



November 2018 WitsEnd Inspirations: Unexpected





Road tripping in New Zealand this week…

between Taupo and Tongariro National Park…

which is situated at the south-eastern end of Lake Taupo.

The main thing we enjoyed about our road trip was that we

could go when we wanted to go…


and if there was no traffic about

pause on a bridge for shots like this.