Dear old Maggie and old Sox.

Note the omission of Dear when describing Sox!

Not much life in either of them at that stage of their lives.

For the record Maggie is not being loving

letting Sox in close the her kennel.

Sox would happily rip an eye out

then simply wash the claw that drew blood.

Yes!  I am a dog person.


Word of the Day Challenge: Listlesss




African trios from Botswana…and South Africa

Some oxpecker getting a free feed and ride.


Hey guys…the camera’s over here.

Giraffes know where the camera is.


And there is a trio here as well.

At last.

Perhaps not quite a smile though.




Chemicals in a woolshed.

Part of the photo below contains this is image of

a 20 litre drench (rectangular) drum and a 5 litre back pack.

Drench (or medicine) helps keep sheep and cattle healthy…internally,

which then has a flow on effect of external well-being as well.


There are several types of chemicals available to keep animals

in their best productive condition. 

Some people say that farmers do not care for their animals. 

Quite untrue! 

Without healthy sheep/animals one’s income drops significantly. 

So why would any business want that? 

Every year I would spend nearly $3,000 on the health

of my animals, which equates to about $3 per adult sheep.  

And that figure is only the cost and does not labour 

 or my budget for extra, high-protein supplements.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Chemical