Our first night or in Africa we stayed at

a Game Lodge a Kempton Park

in Johannesburg

There  was at the time a variety of wildlife there

incorporating a range of Impala through Ozzie Ostrich.

In 2013 guests were allowed to…or maybe some of us just wandered

through…gates which were locked less than twelve months later! 🙂

Ozzie was happy to get up close and personal.

I think it an odd photo. 

This shows it in a better light.


November18 WitsEnd-Inspirations: Oddities





It maybe the Irish in me…or my twisted sense of humour.

I found this one in Perth or Fremantle,

Western Australia in 2013.

At first glance you may wonder why one needs

to wear a bicycle helmet when travelling to Rottnest.

Considering Rottnest Island is about

20-30 miles west of

Perth/Fremantle in the Indian Ocean…

I would have thought a life jacket more appropriate

when travelling TO Rottnest.


Back to the Pub Wall next week.


Friday Follies-5

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Oblong…defined as

a rectangular object or flat figure with

unequal adjacent sides.

I did not take one picture of the whole square however

I think Place des Heros in Arras, France,

fits the definition of oblong.



I was just under the clock face for the above images.

The roof in the foreground of the above image…


Arras, Bell Tower

was lit up around 2200 hours.

Was happy to see I was not the only person

interested in photographing the scene.


Word of the Day Challenge: Oblong