Comfort(ing) food 

These Auckland Sky Tower main courses….

were comforting, to say the least.


While desserts…

pure comfort food…

to which I cannot say ‘No!’

Particularly when celebrating a birthday.




Every labrador we have owned has….

repressed the kelpies at some stage in their lives. 

While this is a rather playful moment, 

at some stage, Taji will let Candi know who is the Alpha. 

And then they will happily every after or until

the next time Candi needs repressing. 

Whichever comes first 🙂


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Repress




I have previously posted an image from

what I term our Dud BnB in Auckland.

Carpet art?

Two things we did not touch…the toilet and beds.

We were concerned about what we may find

had we lifted the lid or the bedding.

More carpet art!

If it aint clean it’s dingy!

I will post about all the wonderful places

we found during our  travels.




Word of the Day Challenge: Dingy