Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wk5-Topic-from-Photo


Topics from Cee’s photo…

This week

Cup, Cafe, Music, plates/food.

Begin this week in Europe.

Ily’s in Amsterdam, near the Railway Station

in case there is more than one Ily coffee shop in town

Remembered mainly because of this display of cups

and the two friendly girl’s behind the counter,

one of which told me the it would cost me 5 Euro

to take the photo…after I had taken it. 

Then she burst out laughing,

probably at the shocked look upon my face.

Breakfast with the lions at Cairns, Queensland.


My Guitar which I have photographed

more than played.


MGW’s Grandmother’s piano, now ours.

One of many sets which were delivered to an op

shop about twelve months ago.

Finishing in Europe again. 

Some of the musical instruments

used at our Viennese Concert.


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