During last Tuesday’s voyage from

Geelong to Melbourne

aboard the Port Phillip Ferry…

was at a cracking pace of 35 knots, or nearly 65 kmh.

From my chosen seat on the bow

Melbourne’s skyline was soon visible.

And grew larger by the minute.

The pace was reduced substantially

as we entered the Yarra River

and sailed under

Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge.

A great way to travel between both cities.


There are all the comforts of home

available inside the ferry.

I wanted/chose front row for photo opportunities.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Pace

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wk3-Photo-Topic2


Week 3 Photo Topics-2


Just to keep my hand in I decided on colours

from the last challenge.

Most of these…

were found during…


our European holiday…

in 2016.



The sneakers and these pencils being the odd balls…

found at a local KMart.

Although the day was damp we had

a wonderful afternoon in colourful Murano.




I had often heard of hip dysplasia in dogs, 

however, I had never seen anything like it in all

the dogs I have been associated with until dear old Maggie

succumbed to this debilitating condition/disease in 2016.

She showed signs of deterioration during the summer. 

We lived in hope that it was a passing problem. 

However, as winter approached it became evident

that there could only be  one outcome.

Six weeks after having the vet do the merciful thing

we were in Europe and the Tour Director decided

to show Marley and Me on the coach’s audio-visual system. 

Too much, too soon.


Word of the Day Challenge: Debilitate