In their hundreds, in a pine tree,

while trying to find a place for the night

or saying good night to their mates… the Sulphur Crest Cockatoos are, without doubt,

the noisiest birds I have ever heard. 

I have heard the above Corellas at dusk. 

However, the numbers that descend on

our patch of the world are noisy enough.

Even a single Sulphur Crest can

make one’s nerves stand on end.


When some Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos

(commonly known as Black Cockatoos)

first paid the farm a visit, the first I knew was a change

was the when I heard the crunching of acacia tree seeds.

  While my contact with Black Cockatoos

would rate them as fairly quiet,

it was what the noise made while the fed

which created the cacophony. 


Word of the Day Challenge: Cacophony

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