When planning our recent holiday, 

MGW wanted visit the huskies 

on Mendenhall Glacier.

It was one of two pre-planned treats

we allowed ourselves.

The huskies seemed as pleased to see us

as we were pleased to see them.

The hardest part of the excursion was

cuddling the husky puppies

while we filled in twenty-minutes

waiting for our ride down off the glacier.

That was the hardest part of the day!!!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Treat

Book Review-Girl-in-the-Blue-Coat


Girl in the Blue Coat 


Monica Hesse

Read: April 12, 2018

Girl in the Blue coat was my first Monica Hesse novel. 

Set in Amsterdam during World War 2 during the Nazi occupation.  Girl in the Blue Coat focuses on a group of young people who are either involved in the resistance or the underground/black market.

Girl in the Blue Coat gives a good sight into life in occupied Amsterdam.  A life were cannot imagine.  Apart from food rationing, Nazi rule other and similar issues, we also find that, as in other parts of Europe, the Jewish community are also being persecuted. 

Girl in the Blue Coat focuses on a small group of young Jewish residents of Amsterdam and their efforts to help other community members, young or old, during Nazi occupation.  It also tells of how they risk their lives while trying to improve life for others in their Amsterdam community.

“While I enjoyed Girl in the Blue Coat it was not a fast moving story.”  The previous comment was made after reading Girl in the Blue Coat, in April 2018.  However, I still rated it a 4 star read on my Goodreads library.

At the time of completing this review,

on August 12, 2018

Goodreads readers have rated

Girl in the Blue Coat

an average of 

4.03 stars

from 10,396 ratings and 1,672 reviews 


Image result for the girl in the blue coat

Girl in the Blue Coat 

can be purchased on-line at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon




This week I have decided that Sunday morning

is not the best time for completing challenges.

Why? You may ask!

If you look at the bottom of my post

you will note Patti’s blog is listed first.

Patti’s blog was the first link I clicked to

see what this week’s challenge was…and I read

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Patterns in British Columbia. 

Lucky I have just returned from that area, I thought!!!

And proceeded to look for BC patterns among my photos.

 Nearing the end of my search a little thought crept into my head.

What if I had no BC photos?

Then I had another look.

Sunday morning!!!!

Readers expecting Australian or Geelong patterns this week

will be disappointed as I was not in the frame of mind

to start again!

Please forgive me.  

Canada Place, Vancouver.


Vancouver somewhere…not far from the port.


Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain cable car, car-park.


A work of art atop

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver.

Some of Victoria’s architecture,

Vancouver Island.

Some of Craigdarroch Castle’s stained glass.


Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, BC, floor tiles.

Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, stained glass.


One of Craigdarroch Castle’s many staircases.


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