Scenes, mostly from Vienna

The last thing we saw before turning off the lights at night.

We wondered if it was the honeymoon suite.

Salzburg tourists.

Tourists or locals?

Whichever, they were enjoying an afternoon

on this Salzburg balcony.

While at dinner in Vienna I received a tap on my shoulder and

suddenly I was dancing in a very narrow aisle between tables.

 It did take a little while to realise we were speaking different languages.

MGW thought this scene worth capturing.


For my efforts I was presented with

this certificate from the ‘Academy’.

is there a waltzing academy in Vienna?

I’m not sure if this couple was being professionally photographed,

however I liked the scene.




My inspirations come from the Vatican today.

Wherever we looked…

we saw inspiring…

works of art.

Unfortunately the guide’s book was

as close as I came to

photographing ‘Creation’

Then (Step-less) Spiral Staircase.


In recent posts I have commented that we did not

see as much as I would have liked at Pompeii.

I probably have this state of mind because I

wanted to be an archeologist about 50 years ago.

  However, the vatican more than compensated

for Pompeii.


Just inspiring.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Inspire