The third or fourth night of our Canadian travels… 

was spent at Mike Wiegele’s

Blue River Resort

in British Columbia.

The resort’s accommodation

is set in idyllic surroundings.

And this was the view as I stepped out

the front door of our cabin.

Breath taking…in my opinion.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Setting



On our last afternoon as a group we took

a Riverboat Discovery cruise on the Chena River.

One of our stops was at an Athabascan village,

where Robyn showed us many aspects of village life.

When I saw the word of the day was ‘resplendent’

I thought of Robyn wearing this traditional Athabascan coat.

Not only did it look resplendent from the front,

the craftsmanship continued on the back as well.  


Word of the Day Challenge: Resplendent



Two young lives commenced…

with one seeming to want to abolish the other.


Soon a friendship grew and friendly

frolicking in the back yard was/is common.

 And in cool weather they will even

share accommodation.