Black and White Challenge.


Just a couple of reflections this week.

A Corio Bay seagull dips low on Corio Bay

creating a mirror image reflection.

A still, foggy morning helped create this image on Corio Bay.

I call this Follow Me.

Click to see coloured and edited version….



Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: Mirror-Images-Reflections





This morning (Friday Aug, 17)

I rose before sun up and drove

to my favourite sunrise spot.

My vexatious feelings, as I drove,

were proven correct as this

was the best colour of the morning.

Coffee and a Ham, Cheese, Tomato Toastie

at our favourite Maccas store

eased my vexatious spirit prior to running

a few errands in Geelong.  


Word of the Day Challenge: Vex



Taji waits under the trampoline

for Candi to burn off energy.

Four or five, short trots to fetch a bone

is enough ‘fetching’ for Taji.


Whereas Candi not only sprints to fetch her rope,

she watches it through the air…



and makes a leap to catch it.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Energy