During my working life as a Professional Woolclasser

one of the main things we focussed on…

was how a fleece ‘handled’, or how soft it was.

The softest and best fleeces were branded AAA.

Those not so soft were branded AA, and so on.

I could guarantee that every fleece in every bale,

with a AAA brand on it,

would be one of the softest handling fleeces

of the clip.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Handle



This church in Victoria British Columbia

Reminded me of…

many Australian churches which were built on land

away from the central business district of the time. 

Now the lands it stand upon is probably

prime real-estate and worth a fortune

as Victoria (BC) expands.


The steep pitch  of the roof also reminded me

of many older churches designed in the same manner. 

I was once told the steep pitch was to

assist snow to slide off the roof. 

I don’t know if that is correct, or not.



Word of the Day Challenge: Redolent

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wk4-Topic-from-Photo


Topics from Cee’s photo…

This week

Mirror, Air Plane, & Power Lines.

A few years ago our youngest

was training other Safeway staff. 

I accompanied him on one of these training days.

As we returned to Geelong the sun was setting.

On the outskirts of Geelong taking electricity

another three hundred kilometres to power 

the Alcoa smelter at Portland,

in Victoria’s far south-west.

Last year’s Avalon Air Show. 

Avalon is an airport between Geelong and Melbourne.

I have enhanced/darkened the photo because the plane

was over 6 kilometres away on a hot February day

with the palest of pale February skies.

Goodbye Heathrow and London.