Recently I posted that Taji only

runs/fetches a bone a few times. 

Her energy levels, except for eating,

are much lower than Candi’s.
This is the type of bone she will bring to me

when I am playing  with Candi. 

The first time she is reasonably happy to give it to me. 

Each consecutive throw I can tell she is

giving it to me, grudgingly, until she finally

walks away and sits with it in another part of the yard.


Word of the Day Challenge: Grudging



I would not have thought of providing a toy

for dogs to play with while on the farm.However, these are Candi’s toys.

How life and circumstances change one’s outlook!

I always think of this photo when

I see a toy related challenge.

The little boy in the previous photo

recently gave this to MGW.

Ted E Bare comes complete with

inbuilt iPod with many of his favourite sayings.

However, his battery cannot be replaced, so he says,

and that will be the end of his speaking days.

Candi was a gift from Number 2 Son and his wife

to replace Ginger.

However, she was not ready to leave her home

at either Christmas, or my birthday, so I was given Quin.

Also a  Black and tan Kelpie.


Now some of my toys.

And on of the toys which keeps this blog going.